How to Sell Off Your Unwanted Daily Deals

by Jodi Jae 29. November 2011 14:57

A day at the spa may have sounded like a great bargain when you picked up that Groupon voucher last month, but now you realize you’ll never be able to enjoy a day away before it expires. What do you do? And maybe you had good intentions to get to the theater with the family on that daily deal buy, but the busyness of the holiday season has tied up your schedule. Are you really out all that money?

Lots and lots of daily deal aficionados have made buying mistakes they later regret. For some, it’s accidental purchases and for others, the fine print on a deal isn’t read and suddenly they find themselves unable to use a voucher due to blackout dates or other limitations. Whatever the reason, you needn’t suffer from daily deal buyer’s remorse and kiss the savings goodbye. Here are four places where you can sell off your old daily deals and earn back some cash.


Lifesta helps you buy and sell deals no longer available on Groupon, LivingSocial, My Deal Board and other social buying websites. The Lifesta website automatically targets your geographical location, so you can not only view deals available nearby, but also list your daily deal vouchers for sale in your target market.

Fees:  Buyers can pick up deals at no cost (aside from the voucher itself), and sellers are charged $.99 + 8% of each sale.

Deals Go Round

DealsGoRound is where unused daily deals get a second chance. Buyers and sellers must register a valid email address to browse or list an item for sale, and a handy Deal Wallet keeps all your buys and future sales organized.

Fees:  Buyers can purchase deals at no cost and sellers will be charged 10% for each voucher sold.


Think of CoupRecoup as the Craigslist for group buying. CoupRecoup collects no money from buyers or sellers, but simply connects the two parties together so they can work out the details of the sale. Weekly deals can be emailed to users or can be browsed at will from their website.

Fees:  Completely free to buyers and sellers.


Dealigee is set up to make buying and reselling of daily deals as simple as possible. Buyers and shoppers can sign up for a free account with an email address or simply sign-in with a Facebook account. Buyers also have the option to make an offer on any deal in their area.

Fees:  Completely free of charge for buyers and sellers. Funds are exchanged through PayPal.

Everyone makes mistakes, even daily deal shoppers. Now you can turn those mistakes into a profitable lesson.


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