Curing Daily Deal Fatigue

by Jodi Jae 29. November 2011 11:40

It was only a few short months ago when The Atlantic Wire reported that shoppers were sick of daily deal sites.  The consumer web, we were told, was dead. Shoppers, it seemed, were overwhelmed with offers and drowning in daily deal websites and emails, and had just about had enough. Facebook and Yelp responded to the news by scaling back their group buying ventures, and even traffic to Groupon, the top contender in the social buying arena, seemed to drop off at a noticeable level.


Contrary to media speculation and exhaustive commentary by anyone with a keyboard, social buying websites are not a thing of the past, they’re evolving. The Washington Post's Hayley Tsukayama weighs in with these words: "What's likely to happen in the daily deals space is that a handful of industry leaders will rise to the top, while smaller or niche efforts will fade away."  In other words, welcome to the Internet!

The problem of daily deal fatigue

A cursory Google search for daily deal websites returns an astonishing 5,780,000 results. That’s a whole lot of websites devoted to bringing you the best bargains. Even if you only check a few of those sites daily, subscribe to a couple RSS bargain-related feeds, and maybe get an email or two from your favorite online savings giant, you’re still committing an immense amount of time to tracking the latest bargains. Understandably, it’s darn tiring.

According to a survey conducted earlier this year by PriceGrabber, 52% of U.S. consumers who use daily deal services claim to feel overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive about deals on a daily basis.

Who can blame them?

Curing daily deal fatigue

No matter how much you love your email, nobody wants to spend their day locked in their inbox sorting through daily deal offer after offer, in search of the one bargain that really interests them.  Who has time for that?

With, you have the luxury of getting all the daily deals for your city in one place. No more hopping from website to website, or between RSS feeds, or even stumbling around your email inbox. We put the right offers in the right place, and all at the right time.

Our innovative daily deal aggregator pulls deals from your favorite daily deal websites and delivers them all in one concise email, RSS feed, browser plug-in, or straight to your smartphone, so you can stop searching, and get back to the business of saving. Even better, My Deal Board has intelligent personalization features that get progressively smarter with use. Bye bye fatigue!

Now you can get deep discounts and smart savings without daily deal fatigue. Are you signed up yet?


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