Daily Deals and Coupon Usage On the Rise

by Jodi Jae 26. April 2012 06:06

The coupon has been around since the late 1800s when Atlanta businessman Asa Candler handwrote paper tickets offering free glasses of the newly developed Coca Cola to consumers. My, how far we’ve come!

Today, coupons are not only found in newspapers, but also online and even on your cell phone. And according to an infographic from CreditScore.net, daily deals have had a significant impact on the way bargain hunters shop.

A few interesting findings:

· ✔The first-ever daily deal was a half-price pizza in Chicago from Groupon.

· ✔Internet coupon usage is up 263%.

· ✔26% of shoppers use coupons and daily deal vouchers on food and drink.

· ✔Daily deal revenue is expected to hit $3.9 billion by 2015.

· ✔76% of shoppers think they save the most by using both coupons and daily deal sites.

How do your shopping habits compare?


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Daily Deals Are Making Us Healthier

by Jodi Jae 24. April 2012 12:09

Doctors remind us often to reduce the levels of stress in our lives, pay attention to our physical fitness habits, eat better, and learn to relax. Despite their repeated warnings, most still list things like obesity, stress, financial worries and not having enough hours in the day as the areas of their life they wish would change. And, ask a handful of your closest friends what New Year’s resolutions were made in 2012 and the odds are good you’ll find at least a few that promised to get fit and spend more quality time with their families.

Though we think of daily deals as bargain-rich websites that can help us save money, they’re also helping to improve our overall health.

Daily deals + physical fitness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than one-third of U.S. adults are categorized as obese and 17% of children (that's 12.5 million American kids) ages 2-19 are also overweight.

Linda Bade, owner of Pink Sweat, a gym in Chicago, says she sees things changing. Bade offered up a year-long gym memberships at a 50% discount at the start of 2012, and increased her membership two-fold.

“We were overwhelmed with new families, new moms and busy dads that wanted to get back into shape,” claimed Bade. “We keep a leaderboard up on the wall at the gym and already our new members have lost over 2,000 pounds combined since the start of the year.”

Daily deal websites frequently offer health improving bargains like:

·✔ Gym memberships

·✔ Physical fitness classes

· ✔ Bike rentals

·✔ Sports store discounts

·✔ Swim lessons

·✔ Martial arts training

· ✔..and more!

Kyle Perri, a once overweight businessman from Atlanta, says that getting involved with daily deals saved his life. “My cholesterol was up, my blood pressure was through the roof, and my doctor’s nerves were frazzled,” said Perri. “I bought a gym membership off a daily deal site in 2011 and today I’m 100 pounds lighter, my numbers are normal and I’m in better shape than I was in college.”

Daily deals improving happiness

It isn’t only our waistlines that are shrinking with daily deal bargains, but also our stress levels. Carter Anderson is a single dad and the sole business owner of a bagel shop in St. Paul, MN. According to Anderson, it’s daily deals that have helped sustain his family. “We used to go out to dinner as a family, and then I’d spend days working extra hours, worrying about how much we’d spent,” said Anderson. “Now I buy a daily deal voucher for dinner at less than half the price of its value, and we have fun spending time together. No worries at all.”

Daily deal websites offer numerous ways to unwind, spend time with friends and loved ones, or just have some “me time.” Browse daily deals any day of the week and you’re likely to find all the following, and more:

·✔ Restaurant vouchers

·✔ Hotel stays

·✔ Bargain travel

·✔ Massages

·✔ Spa certificates

·✔ Vouchers for classes

· ✔Theater tickets

Daily deals have made it affordable to get healthier. And with more of us than ever before shopping for daily deals, that can only be a good thing.


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Daily Deals Give Major Boost to Artist's Sales

by Jodi Jae 19. April 2012 13:23

When you think of daily deal shopping, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most, your thoughts immediately jump to how much you can save on a flight, hotel stay, or evening out at your favorite restaurant. That is, after all, how we use daily deals, right? Daily deals aren’t only improving the lives of consumers, however, but also those who make daily deals available.

A globally recognized artist makes it big with daily deals

Silhouette artist Carter Kustera has had his work featured in galleries and museums around the world. The 49 year old Kustera creates work in a wide range of mediums and had his art recently animated and used for U2's Pop Mart Tour.

Kustera is not only a talented artist, but also a smart businessman. Kustera spent much of the last year painting 5,000 captioned, expression-filled watercolor portraits that customers were able to buy only through daily deal websites. How's business? Kustera says he's seen an impressive 12,400 percent increase in his yearly earnings, all thanks to daily deal website sales.

“Once people started contacting me, many told me they had been following my work for nine or 10 years, but could never afford it,” said Kustera.

How this artist found daily deal success

Kustera first offered an initial sell of 3,000 silhouettes on Groupon. In January of this year, Kustera switched over to Cing.com, a relatively new startup that sponsors deals nationally, but takes no cut.

“Cing’s deal is better for the merchant,” said Kustera. “Cing offers national sales rather than targeted market-sales, which aren’t necessarily (offered) in the right markets.”

Kustera, who usually charges $400-$3,000 per silhouette, depending on size, sold his work for less than half price on Groupon, and offered small silhouettes on Cing for just $20.

“It has made a segment of my artwork, which might be considered the level of haute couture, like ready-to-wear,” he said. “In the long run for me as an artist, it may be better because I have a following of people who support me.”


What the Daily Deals Market Looks Like in 2012

by Jodi Jae 17. April 2012 11:00

The Daily Deal Summit kicked off this week in NYC. As an introduction to their panel talk today, SaveLocal of Constant Contact has released this infographic which highlights the goings-on of the 2012 daily deals market. The statistical analysis and reasoning behind these compelling figures will be explained in detail at a panel this afternoon.



Daily Deals Move To the Funny Pages

by Jodi Jae 12. April 2012 08:45

Daily deals are a hot topic! Why, they sometimes even make the funny papers. The above cartoon was done by Tom Fishburne, a cartoonist who began drawing on the backs of Harvard Business School cases. Fishburne has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, and the New York Times. Fishburne draws from 16 years in the marketing and innovation trenches. You can check out his work and his insightful thoughts on brands and marketing on his blog.


Using Daily Deals to Care for Your Car

by Jodi Jae 10. April 2012 12:28

With the price of gas expected to surpass $4 per gallon this week in the United States, it’s important to remain frugal-minded about everything these days. Thanks to daily deal vouchers, it’s easier than ever to do just that. Here are just a few ways that smart shoppers are using daily deals to help care for their car.

Oil changes

My neighbor told me this morning that she made the mistake of getting her car oil changed in one of those quickie drive-thru oil shops last weekend. The total bill: $61.89. Ouch!

You can easily cut down on oil change costs by shopping daily deals. Groupon sold a daily deal voucher a few months back that gave consumers three oil changes for just $20, and other daily deal sites are doing the same with regularity.


As every smart driver knows, it costs more than just gas money to keep your car on the road. Fivecentnickle.com recommends putting away $1,200 per year to handle potential car maintenance costs, which could include things like A/C service, tire rotation, diagnostics, brake inspections, and so on. Thankfully, you can slice this cost by more than half by buying into daily deals. Last year, LivingSocial sold vouchers for transmission service at more than 50% off their value, and vouchers like that are not an unusual find.


According to Consumer Reports, one All-Season tire can cost as much as $160, or $640 to outfit your whole car with new treads, not including tax or labor charges. If you’re an avid daily deal shopper, you can expect to pay much less. It’s not at all uncommon see tire package deals when daily deal shopping that can save you as much as 80% off the retail price of new tires.


Need new brakes? Unless you’re an amateur mechanic, costhelper.com says you can expect to shell out $90 to $250 per axle. And that’s just for basic brake pad replacement. Daily deal shoppers know that you don’t ever have to pay full price for car repair. Watch for vouchers available from your local mechanic, national chain repair centers, and body shops. There are plenty out there!

Car wash

Washing and waxing the family car can be an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you live in an apartment building or condo though, it’s likely you don’t have the space or ability to scrub down your own vehicle. Complete car wash packages purchased through daily deal websites can save shoppers as much as 80% off the full price of a car wash.

You may not be able to control the price at the pumps, but you can have a say in just how much you spend caring for your car. Putting daily deals to work for you saves a little wear and tear on your car and your wallet.


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Daily Deal Summit 2012 Plays Out in NYC This Month

by Jodi Jae 5. April 2012 10:59

Daily Deal Summit is a conference series that focuses on the future of local commerce. During the two-day event, attendees have a chance to meet innovative companies and top of executives in successful businesses, daily deal and couponing websites, and more.

The details

The Daily Deal Summit is an open event, meaning that anyone with an interest in meeting today's top players is invited to attend. There are more than 180 companies attending Daily Deal Summit this year, including:

· ★ Amazon.com

· ★ Angie’s List

· ★ Bargain.com

· ★ Daily Deal Media

· ★ JustDeals.com

· ★ MasterCard

· ★ My Coupon Don

· ★ Saveology.com

· ..and more!

Daily Deal Summit East is being held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square oin April 17-18, 2012 in New York City. The special two-day event will begin with a day of general sessions, where you can hear keynotes and critical discussions by some of today's top thought leaders. Day two will feature breakout sessions, where leaders and top companies in the industry talk shop and provide tactical advice about surviving and growing in the daily deal space.

Tickets are limited, so hurry to reserve your space. Tickets go up by $100 a head after April 7 and are even pricier at the door. You can view the full agenda from the Daily Deal Summit East website.


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65% of UK Shoppers Participate in Daily Deal Shopping

by Jodi Jae 5. April 2012 10:29

While there are literally hundreds of daily deal websites in the United States, the UK has lagged behind a bit. Despite having fewer local group buying sites available, shoppers abroad have fallen in love with saving money by daily deal shopping.

The Kantar Media study

Kantar Media, a UK company that gives insights into the online behavior of consumers, recently released the results of their Online Shopper Intelligence Study. That study revealed that 65 percent of UK shoppers are always on the lookout for special offers, and 48 percent say they make a habit of using coupons, coupon codes and daily deal vouchers.

John Thekanady, UK client services director for Kantar Media Compete, said: “It’s clear that group buying sites build awareness and encourage impulse purchase behavior efficiently, but featured companies are failing to convert those shoppers into loyal customers - bringing into question the long term viability of these sites. With an expanding competitive set and talk of daily deals fatigue, group buying sites would be well advised to target their offerings to specific consumer segments to distinguish themselves and help advertisers reach a more engaged audience.”

The same study found that 25 percent of UK shopers visited daily deal websites on a daily basis. Groupon.co.uk remains the top daily deal site in the UK, followed by LivingSocial and KGBdeals.co.uk.

The Kantar Media Compete study can be viewed in .pdf form online.


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