The U.K. Daily Deal Industry At a Glance [Infographic]

by Jodi Jae 14. June 2012 16:12

The popularity of daily deals continues to rise. Russia’s daily deal market is at the peak of popularity, one in six U.S. shoppers buys a daily deal voucher and the Canadian daily deal market has been boasting growth for over one year. While daily deals are still relatively new in the United Kingdom, it’s estimated that 65% of residents in the U.K. buy into daily deals on a regular basis.

Ready for some more good news? The Global Daily Deal Association (GDDA) has just finished first quarter research and come up with an infographic that illustrates the size of the U.K. daily deal industry.

Stavros Prodromou, the director of the GDDA, had this to say: “The daily deal industry may be relatively new, but it has proved to be hugely lucrative for those businesses that get it right. Our challenge now is to make it sustainable, and we can do that by ensuring the model works for both consumers and merchants.”

The new GDDA research shows that in the first quarter of this year, the U.K.'s top deal sites sold a total of 3.8 million vouchers and coupons and took in approximately $288 million. Consumers are also estimated to have saved $131 million by actively shopping daily deals.



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