5 Reasons You Should Be Daily Deal Shopping

by Jodi Jae 8. December 2011 16:11

The latest Parks Associates study, which polled broadband users’ shopping habits this holiday season, found that 78% of U.S. broadband customers have viewed online website sales and daily deal offers in the last 30 days. The research firm's study, Consumer Decision Process: Holiday Intentions, found consumers visited daily deal websites an average of 10 times per month and read daily deal related emails 17 times per month.

Effectively, daily deal websites are changing the way we shop. Despite the findings, though, some shoppers are still leery to jump on the daily deal bandwagon. Marcia Parks-Nelson, retired Illinois judge, says that it took her some time to get excited about daily deal bargains. “I have six children and thirteen grandchildren,” says Parks-Nelson, “and I do a lot of shopping, but it wasn’t until last Christmas that I understood how much money I could save with daily deals.”

Are you shopping daily deals? If not, listen up! Here are five reasons you really should jump on the bandwagon.

1.  The savings are huge

Daily deal everyday bargains exceed those found at Black Friday sales, after Christmas sales, and even closeout sales. Every single time you view a daily deal you know that it has been marked down 50-90%.

2. Price checking is easy

With traditional shopping, it can be difficult to gauge just how good a deal you’re getting. With daily deal shopping, on the other hand, all the tools to price check your products are right at your fingertips. Shoppers are linked directly to the business offering the deal, so they can verify for themselves just how much they’ll be saving.

3. You can shop from anywhere

With daily deal shopping, there’s no more driving from store to store or even surfing from website to website. Instead, multiple bargains are laid out in front of you on one website or in one concise email.  And thanks to new technology, daily deals can also be found on your computer, cell phone, or other portable device.

4. You save the environment

Because most daily deals aren’t packaged and repackaged in unnecessary and wasteful bags and boxes, daily deals help lessen the impact on the environment. When you purchase a daily deal, you need only print out one small voucher to claim your deal.

5. You’re investing in life experience

Daily deal vouchers can send you packing on vacation, bungee jumping from your city’s highest point, out to dinner with friends, to the theater, or on hundreds of other actual life experiences. Daily deals can help get you off the couch and out into the world.

Are you ready to buy into the excitement of daily deal shopping? You can sign-up for MyDealBoard.com right now.


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