A Daily Deal First: Man Proposes on Daily Deal Website

by Jodi Jae 14. February 2012 12:16

It isn’t exactly uncommon to hear of a Valentine’s Day marriage proposal. As it turns out, 220,000 couples in the United States agree to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day each year, and that number is mirrored around the world. What is unheard of is using a daily deal website as a proposal tool. In a daily deal first, one couple in Australia was brought together forever online with the world’s first ever daily deals marriage proposal.

Dismissing tradition, Vincent Law Ngee Yun posted a daily deal on Australian daily deal website Deal Free with the hope of catching only one person’s attention: his daily deal loving girlfriend Peggy Yii. The unique proposal, complete with photos of the couple, allowed only Peggy to invest in the deal, while Deal Free shoppers could vote on whether or not the object of Vincent’s affections should accept the deal.

Vincent even included standard daily deal fine print, which lovingly read:

My Dearest Peggy,

 If you accept my love, I promise:

  that you will have a wonderful and unique life from me Vincent;

I will always protect you;

I will always prepare your meal before I prepare my own;

I will always help when you are cooking for our family, and any other time you need me;

I will always go shopping with you;

I will buy your favorite milk tea;

I promise to eat non-spicy foods and non-cheese creamy foods;

 And....I promise that you will be the happiest wife ever !!!

Never one to pass up a good deal when she sees one, Peggy said YES.


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