Survey Shows Canadians More Interested in Daily Deals Than Americans

by Jodi Jae 22. March 2012 06:53

A new survey by Epsilon, a Dallas-based marketing firm, shows that Canadians know their daily deal stuff. The report, issued this week, found that Canadians are more tuned into group buying and deal of the day websites than Americans.

The numbers

The Epsilon report surveyed Canadians only, comparing findings to similar studies carried out in the past. Among the findings:

· ✔ 53% of surveyed Canadians are familiar with at least one  group deal website, compared with 39% of Americans.

·✔  42% of Canadian respondents signed up to receive daily deal email offers, compared to 34% of U.S. participants.

·✔  9% of Canadians who receive daily deal mailings buy a discount voucher every few weeks, 2% buy a voucher weekly, and 1% invests in a deal daily.

Why these findings are not surprising

The Epsilon survey results didn't shock consultant Albert Bitton, who runs the blog Group Buying Canada, and monitors the daily deal industry daily. Bitton says that previous studies have shown that Canadians are more actively engaged in not only daily deal shopping, but also loyalty programs and money saving promotions.

Canadians have always been known as more conservative buyers,” said Bitton.

Gary Lipovetsky, cofounder of Dealfind, agrees. Dealfind launched in Canada two years ago and now offers deals in 28 Canadian cities and 41 U.S. cities. According to Lipovetsky, the new findings are consistent with the conservative nature of Canadians.

These trends are accurate,” Mr. Lipovetsky said. “I find Canadians are far more responsible than other countries in their spending and this is just another way for them to be responsible.”

Experts, including Bitton, believe the Canadian daily deal market is just one year behind the American industry. If the current Ipsilon report bears weight and is an accurate predictor of things to come, this could mean that Canada will outpace America in the daily deals market in the very near future.


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