How Daily Deals Are Besting Traditional Gift Giving

by Jodi Jae 3. May 2012 12:44

Gift giving is one of those beautiful things in life that leaves both the giver and the receiver feeling better for the experience. For the giver, there’s no better feeling than seeing a smile of appreciation on the face of a friend or family member while they accept your token of kindess. And we don’t need to explain how awesome it is to be remembered and treated to a special present. After all, who doesn’t love getting a gift?

Thanks to the internet and daily deal websites, it’s easier than ever to let that someone special know just how you feel, and you can do it in mere seconds. Don’t believe me? Here are four ways daily deals are besting traditional gift giving.

Daily deal shopping is time saving

Giving a traditional gift means running from store to store in search of something that not only will be appreciated, but also something you can afford. It’s not an easy task. And once you’ve found the perfect present, you have to wait in line to checkout, and take the gift home to be wrapped and eventually delivered. Traditional shopping is a time suck!

Marci Lowerbough, Chicago grandmother of four, told us that it’s been tough to get around since she suffered a stroke two years ago, so she was thrilled to discover daily deal shopping. “My days of mall shopping have come to an end,” said Lowerbough, “but I don’t mind. I can shop for the whole family in one afternoon of online daily deal shopping.”

Daily deal shopping is less expensive

Whether you’re heading to the mall or your local big box store in search of a gift, luck plays a big part in what sort of gift ends up in your cart. If you’re minding your budget, price is your top priority while shopping, which means that unless you find an unbelievable, unadvertised sale, you may not get exactly what you went into the store for. Daily deal shopping, on the other hand, routinely saves consumers 30-90% off the retail price of everything.

Daily deal shopping gives you the ultimate in variety

Driving from store to store or walking from mall shop to mall shop is a must when gift giving, especially if you’re shopping for more than one recipient. With daily deal shopping, you surf to one website and are instantly met with hundreds of choices. Daily deals offer something for foodies, fashionistas, adventurers, tech lovers, kids, grandmothers and everyone else on your shopping list.

Daily deals are perfect for last minute shoppers

Who among us hasn’t forgotten the birthday or anniversary of a friend or family member? Last minute shopping in a brick and mortar store is a drag. When the pressure is on, most of us end up spending far more than we should on a gift we’re not quite satisfied with. With daily deals, however, anyone can pop online and pick out a gift in moments. And because gifts can be emailed to recipients, you’ll never miss celebrating another special occasion again.

What benefits do you enjoy with daily deal shopping? Tell us in the comments.


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