65% of UK Shoppers Participate in Daily Deal Shopping

by Jodi Jae 5. April 2012 10:29

While there are literally hundreds of daily deal websites in the United States, the UK has lagged behind a bit. Despite having fewer local group buying sites available, shoppers abroad have fallen in love with saving money by daily deal shopping.

The Kantar Media study

Kantar Media, a UK company that gives insights into the online behavior of consumers, recently released the results of their Online Shopper Intelligence Study. That study revealed that 65 percent of UK shoppers are always on the lookout for special offers, and 48 percent say they make a habit of using coupons, coupon codes and daily deal vouchers.

John Thekanady, UK client services director for Kantar Media Compete, said: “It’s clear that group buying sites build awareness and encourage impulse purchase behavior efficiently, but featured companies are failing to convert those shoppers into loyal customers - bringing into question the long term viability of these sites. With an expanding competitive set and talk of daily deals fatigue, group buying sites would be well advised to target their offerings to specific consumer segments to distinguish themselves and help advertisers reach a more engaged audience.”

The same study found that 25 percent of UK shopers visited daily deal websites on a daily basis. Groupon.co.uk remains the top daily deal site in the UK, followed by LivingSocial and KGBdeals.co.uk.

The Kantar Media Compete study can be viewed in .pdf form online.


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