How to Make Absolutely Certain You Use All Your Daily Deal Vouchers

by Jodi Jae 2. December 2011 15:47

Are you using all the daily deal vouchers you’ve purchased?

In April of this year, Time Magazine reported that 1 in 5 group buying deals go unused. Vinicius Vacanti, Yipip CEO, is quoted as saying that "anywhere between 10% and 30% of deals aren’t redeemed." That’s a lot of money down the drain. Care to maximize your daily deal buys? Here are four ways to do just that.

1.  Make plans now

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. --Thomas Jefferson

Procrastination leads us to stick daily deal vouchers in a drawer or wallet and forget about them until they’ve reached their expiration date. You can avoid this common mistake by committing your voucher to action the moment you purchase it. Did you buy dinner for two at a fancy restaurant? Make reservations the second your sale is complete. Did you invest in a haircut and shampoo from your local spa? Call and schedule an appointment immediately. More...


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How to Sell Off Your Unwanted Daily Deals

by Jodi Jae 29. November 2011 14:57

A day at the spa may have sounded like a great bargain when you picked up that Groupon voucher last month, but now you realize you’ll never be able to enjoy a day away before it expires. What do you do? And maybe you had good intentions to get to the theater with the family on that daily deal buy, but the busyness of the holiday season has tied up your schedule. Are you really out all that money?

Lots and lots of daily deal aficionados have made buying mistakes they later regret. For some, it’s accidental purchases and for others, the fine print on a deal isn’t read and suddenly they find themselves unable to use a voucher due to blackout dates or other limitations. Whatever the reason, you needn’t suffer from daily deal buyer’s remorse and kiss the savings goodbye. Here are four places where you can sell off your old daily deals and earn back some cash. More...


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Curing Daily Deal Fatigue

by Jodi Jae 29. November 2011 11:40

It was only a few short months ago when The Atlantic Wire reported that shoppers were sick of daily deal sites.  The consumer web, we were told, was dead. Shoppers, it seemed, were overwhelmed with offers and drowning in daily deal websites and emails, and had just about had enough. Facebook and Yelp responded to the news by scaling back their group buying ventures, and even traffic to Groupon, the top contender in the social buying arena, seemed to drop off at a noticeable level.


Contrary to media speculation and exhaustive commentary by anyone with a keyboard, social buying websites are not a thing of the past, they’re evolving. The Washington Post's Hayley Tsukayama weighs in with these words: "What's likely to happen in the daily deals space is that a handful of industry leaders will rise to the top, while smaller or niche efforts will fade away."  In other words, welcome to the Internet! More...


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Give a Memorable Gift This Holiday Season

by Jodi Jae 29. November 2011 11:38

Invest in Experience and Stop Buying Junk

It seems that each year we spend more and more money on gifts. A recent Gallop poll shows that American shoppers are predicted to spend $764 on presents in 2011, a figure that’s up $50 from last year.  

Canadians, on the other hand, are predicted to spend $1,397 between now and the end of December, but they’ll be investing more money on entertaining friends and family and spending quality time with loved ones, as opposed to wrapping and unwrapping presents from under the tree.

Of course, these are just guesses and predictions, which often fall short of our actual shopping habits. In reality, last minute shoppers and those charging the holidays away will more than likely be paying off gifts well into the 2012 holiday shopping season, and spending far more than their budgets allows. More...


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