Valentine's Day + Daily Deals = Winning Combination

by Jodi Jae 3. February 2012 08:24

Valentine’s Day is a little more than one week away. The February 14th heart-shaped holiday gives couples young and old alike a chance to honor their relationships, partners and spouses with tokens of affection, thoughtful gifts and romantic nights on the town. Are you still searching for the gift that will really impress? This year, consider daily deals! Don’t think it can be done? Pay attention. These five gift ideas can easily wow your special someone this year.


According to, more than 110 million roses are sold and delivered each year over the Valentine’s Day holiday. That’s a whole lot of roses! And that number doesn’t take into account the many husbands and wives who purchase daisies, plants and other floral arrangements for their spouses. Clearly, flowers are a much appreciated sentiment and they’re frequently available from local florists on daily deal websites at less than half what you’ll pay by shopping in-store.


There’s a reason why we view a long, hot bath as a stress reliever. That solitary time in the bubbles gives us a chance to wind down, relax and take care of ourselves. What better way to show that you care than to give the gift of R&R. Daily deal websites frequently offer perfectly pampering gift ideas like massages, manicures, pedicures, and salon and spa treatments.


What could be more romantic than a day spent at the beach arm-in-arm with the one you love? Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or an in your face, spoil-me-rotten trip of a lifetime, daily deals have you covered. And with all the money you save purchasing your next romantic getaway through daily deal shopping, you’ll have enough left over for a night or two out on the town.

Dinner out

From pizza and pasta to pierogies and pastry, daily deals are a goldmine for food aficionados. You’ll routinely save 50-90% off meal costs by shopping daily deal bargains. And if you’re worried about looking cheap, don’t.  It turns out that most women are attracted to men who can put away a few dollars for a rainy day.


If flowers aren’t your gal’s thing and she can’t seem to slow down long enough to be pampered, perhaps the gift of adventure is right up her alley. Group buying websites are famous for offering unique experiences to the world. Think: skydiving, flying lessons, golf lessons, kickboxing courses, gym memberships, cooking classes, and more.

Whatever your needs this Valentine’s Day, daily deals can meet and exceed your expectations. Think outside the box this year and give something truly unique with the incredible world of daily deals.


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