Be On the Lookout This Winter for These Daily Deals

by Jodi Jae 16. February 2012 08:08

Everyone knows that daily deal websites can help them save up to 90% off the cost of travel arrangements and luxury items, but did you also know that using a daily deal aggregator and buying into flash sales can help you successfully secure more practical needs like food and shelter. And the good deals don’t stop there. If you want to really cash in, these are a few daily deal bargains you should be on the lookout for this winter.

Tax preparation

Like it or not, taxes are due for almost everyone in the spring. That means that you either need to wade through pages and pages of income statements and tax forms yourself or find a reputable accountant or tax professional to handle matters for you. Teresa Scafford, waitress in Amarillo, TX, had her taxes done professionally last year for only $15, thanks to a daily deal she found online.

I have three kids who keep me busier than my day job,” Scafford said. “I had no time to fill out forms and doing taxes makes me pull my hair out. I found a deal on the web for a local tax preparation company for $15 and it was the best money I spent all year.”

Garden supplies

Come spring, those of us with green thumbs like to be outside tilling soil and planting the food that will sustain us for the coming year. Plant nurseries, flower shops and seed companies are well represented in the daily deal market, giving you an inexpensive way to get your garden in the ground. You’ll also often run across a deal for your local hardware store where you can pick up much needed garden tools, hoses, and other yard and garden supplies.

Wedding goods

Weddings take place most often in spring and summer. Frugal couples are using the power of daily deal shopping to get discounts on wedding photographers, flowers, clothing, jewelry, travel arrangements, hotel stays and gifts.

Vacation plans

Daily deals websites are famous for offering the lowest prices on vacation packages, airline flights, hotel and motel rooms, and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking to go skydiving, mountain climbing and camping or relax in front of an ocean estate during your honeymoon, there’s a daily deal dream vacation out there with your name on it.

Home maintenance

Do you need new siding or rain gutters? Could your yard use professional care or a regular landscaper? You’ll find an abundance of home maintenance daily deal vouchers online year round.

Unlike shopping in a brick and mortar store, daily deals offer 30-90% savings every single day of the week. To make the most of your shopping time and money, always be on the lookout for deals that will help manage your life in the upcoming season.


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