How We're Using Daily Deal Sites

by Jodi Jae 13. January 2012 08:38

And how we can do better

As of July 13th 2011, daily deal websites around the web had attracted more than $1.6 billion in venture capital according to the 2011 Daily Deal Investment Index from Daily Deal Media. Despite the winning business model, fewer group buying aficionados are opening their daily deal related email, and fewer still are finding the unbelievable bargains that most interest them. What went wrong and how can we correct this trend?

The Groupon poll

A 2011 Business Insider Groupon poll found that 39.7% of those who receive Groupon daily deal emails read less of them today than they did when they signed up for the service the year before. Even more surprising, 34.8% of us don’t bother to open or read Groupon emails at all any longer. In total, more than 74% of Groupon email recipients are no longer paying attention to any deals that make it to their email inbox.

Daily deal shoppers speak out

Joyce Myerton, online shopper in Milwaukee, WI, says that when she first signed up for daily deal emails she was thrilled to open each and every one. “Those first coupon letters were like liquid joy,” said Myerton. “The best deals in town were sent straight to my email and I could not get enough.”

But like many other daily deal fans, Myerton’s excitement quickly turned into daily deal fatigue.

“After Groupon, I signed up for emails from Living Social and about ten other websites,” claimed Myerton. “Now I get so many emails I don’t even want to deal with any of them.”

And Myerton isn’t alone. Chuck Miller, Miami resident and professional shopper, has been with Groupon since they first opened their doors and, these days, is bypassing them altogether. “I get too many emails for deals that don’t interest me or my clients,” sighs Miller. “It became a waste of time.”

Freeing up your inbox

Getting daily deal emails from every deep discount website on the web is old school technology. After all, who really has time to wade through ten or more social buying website emails each day? And if you’re accessing your email from your Smartphone or another portable device, navigating through an inbox full of picture-rich emails to find the one deal that may interest you can be a real pain.

Free up your inbox with MyDealBoard. Simply enter your email, the city where you live or shop, and we’ll do the rest. MyDealBoard’s smart technology will pull only the deals you want from Groupon, LivingSocial, WagJag, and other daily deal sites, and send you one concise email. That’s it! No more overloaded email inbox and no more supposed deals you don’t really care about.

Now, wasn’t that simple?


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