Daily Deals Not Just For Those With Money to Burn

by Jodi Jae 19. January 2012 11:35

There used to be a time when daily deal shopping was aimed directly at those with a few extra dollars in their pocket and ample time on their hands. Frivolous, unnecessary purchases like vacation packages or trips to the spa were all the rage when the daily deal market first exploded. These days shoppers are increasingly turning to daily deals to meet their practical everyday needs.


When a tornado hit their small home in Athens, Georgia, Tom Myer never expected that a daily deal voucher would come to his rescue. “We lost nearly everything,” said Myer. “The house was gone, the Red Cross had no beds left for us and we had nowhere to turn. Then I remembered the Best Western voucher I had in my wallet. I bought it thinking I’d take the wife on vacation for a week, but it ended up giving us a roof over our head and a week of time to sort our situation out.” 

The savings: Daily deal websites feature a high return on your investment when it comes to lodging. From campground sites to hotel rooms, daily deal lodging discounts can save you as much as 90%.


Jim Peterson is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In early 2011, Peterson lost his part-time job and found himself with bare kitchen cupboards. And then he thought back to Christmas and the daily deal stocking stuffers his mother had given him a few months prior. “My ma is the lady who always plans ahead, and thank the Lord she was thinking last December,” smiles Peterson. “Thanks to her, I had vouchers for $50 from Whole Foods and another for $50 in restaurant food and that totally saved me.”

The savings: You don’t have to look hard on daily deal websites to find appetizing savings. Restaurant vouchers, grocery store discounts and special buys at big box stores can save shoppers 50-90% on food purchases.


When single mother and Florida resident Michelle Breacher was laid off in 2011, her two children were about to start school. “My kids went through the biggest growing spurt you ever did see last year,” claimed Breacher. “They both needed clothes so badly, and there I was with no job.” Breacher was able to buy much needed clothes for her daughters before school started by picking up two daily deal vouchers to a local Old Navy at a 50% discount.

The savings: You’ll find clothing deals for local and national stores on daily deal websites often. Expect to save 50-75% off.

Daily deal vouchers can certainly get you to Cancun on a dime or a fancy dinner out at a five-star restaurant for half the price. Daily deal vouchers are also serving as a practical method for those down on their luck, helping them to find their way back to solid ground.


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