New Report Details Major Shift in Daily Deal Markets

by Jodi Jae 23. January 2012 09:51

A new report from Daily Deal Media, the nation's leading provider of news, data and intelligence for Social Commerce and the Daily Deal Industry, shows rapid change and development in the market. What's going on? Let's find out.

Key findings

The Daily Deal Media report pinpoints key changes in the daily deal market in 2011 and looks with a keen eye to the year ahead. As we predicted, some daily deal websites just didn’t make the cut. A total of 798 daily deal websites and companies exited the market in late 2011, a drop of 7.61 percent worldwide. Other key findings from Daily Deal Media include:

Companies who use daily deal marketing are happy overall. The report indicates that only 16.5 percent of all merchants participating in daily deals were unhappy with their daily deal campaigns and more than 35 percent were profitable with their daily deal ventures. Merchant satisfaction increased overall by 17% between June and December of 2011.

Daily deal shoppers are surfing more and subscribing less. Triton Digital, Daily Deal media partner, polled 60,000 consumers and found that 39 percent do not subscribe to daily deal emails, preferring instead to browse daily deal websites. Of those who did receive daily deal emails from at least one website, 28.4 percent glanced at deals; 19.6 percent read the entire deal email; and 10.2 percent continued subscribing but considered deals spam and immediately deleted them.

Majority happy with Groupon’s place in the industry. A total of 61.7 percent of daily deal companies believe that Groupon's IPO was good for their industry.

Boyan Josic, CEO of Daily Deal Media, sees good things ahead for daily deals in 2012. "The daily deal market continues to be on fire when it comes to investments and attention," said Josic. "In 2011, the industry rocketed from 'the next big thing to watch' to demonstrated success and profitability."

What does this mean for consumers? It looks like it will be another exciting year as the daily deal market matures and continues to fine-tune their approach.


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