Daily Deal Market Expanding Around the World

by Jodi Jae 22. February 2012 08:11

Bloomberg.com recently reported that the daily deal market in the United States is expected to generate $4.17 billion in sales by the year 2015. That’s more than double the business that daily deal websites are seeing now. And it’s not just the United States that’s seeing rapid growth and development in the daily deal market. Our friends across the pond are also spending and saving more than ever before through daily deal shopping and social buying websites.

Daily deals invade Britain

A new study from Buyometric, a daily deal aggregator in the United Kingdom, indicates that 7 million English shoppers already subscribe to daily deal emails and that number is expected to grow significantly during 2012.

“Many consumers have been ‘sitting on the sidelines’ without having as yet made a purchase,” the firm’s report says. “Our research also identified that whilst only 69 percent of subscribers to daily deal websites had already bought a deal, 96 percent said they planned to make a purchase in the next 12 months.”

Buyometric predicts that daily deal aggregators will power U.K. shoppers’ needs in 2012 as more and more consumers tire of receiving multiple emails per day from individual daily deal websites.

Australians spending almost $500 million

Australians were introduced to daily deal shopping in 2010 and the market has since exploded. In 2011, Australians spent approximately $498 million on group buying websites. Telsyte, a firm that analyzes emerging technology, predicts daily deal shopping will grow by 30% in Australia this year, and reach the $1 billion mark by 2015.

Sam Yip, Senior Research Manager at Telsyte, said, “Increased focus on physical product sales in group buying will change the face of the industry and introduce competition between deal of the day and grocery and discount online department stores.”

Daily deals are a hit in Middle East and Latin America

Tech Crunch reported in January that the daily deal market was losing competitors all over the world. According to the report, 798 daily deal sites folded in the United States last year and Asia lost a total of 1,348 deal slinging bargain websites in the last half of 2011 alone. There was lots of overlooked good news in the report though, too. In the Middle East, for example, a 42% growth rate in daily deal shopping was marked in 2011, while Latin America saw a 27.5% increase in daily deals.

Clearly, despite a few changes and growth spurts, daily deals are here to stay. As Kentucky shopper Beth Horton recently told us, “I can’t imagine my life without daily deal shopping.”


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